How we do it?

Enabling “employees & SMEs as your brand ambassadors” in social media

Identify key influencers and SMEs in the company
Create a social media plan
Instill social media focus in the organization
Start engaging and influencing online
Roll out and extend coverage
Generate compelling content
Track Targets and ROI
Measure EMV (Earned Media Value)
Process-driven governance structure
Enterprise Safety / Information Security
Insights into +ve and -ve engagements
Ensure attrition doesn’t affect existing social media assets
Enhance brand awareness and revenues

Social Media Governance

Branding: Create social media accounts and brand them as per client-defined guidelines
Platform Integration: Integrate newly created social accounts into client’s social media marketing platforms of choice (Sprinklr, Radian6 tool, ManageFlitter, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Klout, etc.)
Tracking: Create unique Campaign IDs for new social properties
Social Audits: Perform random audits on social platforms of client’s choice (SlideShare, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
Governance: Fortnightly governance reports, providing insights on SMEs across platforms and geographies
Social Property Report: Track key metrics on social platforms of client’s choice

Build your SME Leaders

Define the attributes for an SME Leader / Influencer within the company

Freeze on the target areas of expertise / business functions

Identify SME Leaders / Influencers across selected categories / topics

Nurture the Leaders for enhanced reach and effective engagement
Set performance standards for reach, engagement, influence, etc.

Continuously refresh the SME Leader list, by evaluating their performance against the standards

Social Media Analytics

Understand the reach and engagement levels of SMEs
Develop customized dashboards for SMEs on their day-to-day social contributions
Categorize SMEs based on their connect, influence and potential social word-of-mouth marketing value
Identify the Followers, who create significant impact on Influencers through their social contributions
Analyze trends across SMEs’ areas of expertise and leverage the inputs to boost their business impact

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