“Reach the right Customers with Smart Engagement & Integrate them into Actionable Business Processes”

Reach right customer

Define target audience & segment them

Smart Engagement

Identify key influencers & SMEs and leverage user generated content for promotion

Actionable Business Process

Quicker social response delivers happy customers which in turn enhances ROI

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Addresses the content gaps that occur in content life cycle
Leverages User Generated content and facilitates better content strategy results
Reach the right customers with the content that glorifies your intent
Get insights on the quality of your content and develop quality content to engage your customers
Leverages employees & customers as your brand champions in social media
Gamifies the process of content generation by users – Leaderboards, based on users’ reach, engagement and influence
Ensures reliable content posting through Governance – organizational policies are mapped as rules in the system and the content gets posted post approvals
Goes beyond tracking behavioral counts (Likes, Retweets, etc.) to identify customers’ emotions, using Decooda’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine
Uncovers the True Voice of Customer, by revealing the specific attributes that draw customers closer to you or push them away


Reach right customers

Scientific way of content scoring


Competition analysis

Measures CLV

Reduced churn rate

Improved revenue

Ignored Noise

Employees incentivized based on transparent engagement model

Measurable Organizational Readiness

Happy Customers due to quicker response rate

Measurable Content Performance score index

No Learning curve for other departments

Improved Customer experience

Users are incentivized

Stone age to digital age – have people really changed?

Man is a social being – thanks to this inherent nature, people have always thrived in their communities. Right from Stone Age, society always preceded individuals and people were never self-sufficient, without the underlying societal fabric. Social interactions have formed the basis for values, norms and rituals, and in turn, the human society.

Now, in the digital age, we can get a world view of things, find like-minded people and socialize with them, in a slightly different way though – leveraging social platforms. We live by mountains of information, but yet are utterly confused, when it’s time to decide. Nevertheless, inherent social nature of people remains the same, irrespective of the age you are in.

Whether buying a car or going on a vacation or doing Christmas shopping, you do your basic research first. Then you build on it, filter out unwanted options, freeze on probable list and finally choose the best option. Throughout this process, the one indispensable aspect is talking to “people” you trust (friends, family, social circles and colleagues) – for their opinions, suggestions, etc. And you end up doing this time and again, because “people trust people”, owing to their very social nature.

92% of consumers “believe in recommendations from friends and family” over all other forms of advertising (Nielsen).

77% of consumers are “more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family” (Nielsen).

64% of marketing executives believe “word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing” – WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association).

How to unlock people potential?

Trusted brands worldwide have one thing in common – they treat their people (employees), as their biggest asset. If your people speak for you out there in the market, nothing like it (and you very well know what happens if they behave otherwise!)

We strongly believe that people are at the heart of the organization and it makes sense to enable them to be your brand ambassadors. At TechSophy, we work with you to build your social brand through your people, for an effective and sustainable customer engagement, leading to maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

About SocialConnext

SocialConnext, a comprehensive solution to brand building through leveraging people potential, has born out of our conviction that “people trust people”. It helps in sustaining your social media vision by monitoring the social reach and enhancing EMV (Earned Media Value) of your people. SocialConnext also enables to leverage the existing social media assets, to ensure maximum RoI (Return on Investment) for you.


Effectively connect with your clients / vendors / partners for Greater Cumulative Value


Grow the client base by expanding your social reach


Rewards and Recognition for influencing employees and SMEs


Build, drive, measure and improve social engagement with stakeholders


Define a governance plan and track SMEs for adherence across all social media platforms

SocialConnext facilitates:

Setting the standards and getting employees & SMEs onto a single platform for cohesive execution
Registration and monitoring of users, for their social media performance
Leveraging content for maximum returns, through data-driven insights – for users across social platforms
Gamification of entire SME advocacy process and incentivization for best performers, using a LeaderBoard
Defining governance process and monitoring adherence to the same

Social Media Score Card

Build the Social Score Card Structure based on
Client-defined Social Media Properties
Business Impact Data extracted from client’s social media marketing platforms of choice (Sprinklr, Radian6 tool, ManageFlitter, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Klout, etc.)
Consolidate data to update back-end procedures for the Score Cards
Maintain governance and track requirements for all the social media properties
Provide Actionable Insights to client’s team on social leads and social campaigns

SME LeaderBoard

Regular monitoring of application and software components, to ensure application is in good health
Develop and maintain the User Management System
Create and Maintain Admin Pages / Views
Manage Cloud infrastructure and Hosting activities
Analyze daily log files, investigate the exceptions and take appropriate corrective actions
Identify potential causes for application failure and troubleshoot them on a regular basis

We can also craft specific solutions, based on your business needs.

Big insights from Right Data, Not Big Data 😉

“Garbage In, Garbage Out!” Rings any bells for you? Let us make it easy for you – when you ask a computer to derive the correlation between “feet size” of people and their “IQ levels”, it’ll throw the relationships, trends, etc. at you, depending on the data you feed into it. You are Right! This is of No Use, at the end of the day.

We, at TechSophy, have always believed in the quality of information at hand. In order to take decisions that make a difference, you need “right data”, only which can give you the right picture. Nonetheless, you need to time your decisions right, in order to make a handsome buck – again backed by “right data”.

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